Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

We’ve seen first-hand the damage and devastation fire and smoke can cause—both in a home or business, and also in the lives of those who have experienced the trauma. We can help you through the process of restoring your life and your possessions back to the way they were before the fire occurred.

Time is of the Essence

fire damage
In the unfortunate event that you experience a fire in your home, call Green Clean immediately to begin the process of cleaning and protecting furniture and possessions that can be salvaged. Smoke residues are acidic in nature and with time can cause permanent corrosion and staining. High heat can also pressurize smoke which allows it to permeate cracks and crevices and deposit odor-causing residues in all types of building materials, electronics, and other belongings. There are several different types of smoke residues present after a fire, including:

  • Wet Smoke Residues – result from low-heat, smoldering fires. Wet smoke residues are often sticky, smear easily, and have pungent odors.
  • Dry Smoke Residues – Often associated with fast burning, high-temperature fires. Dry smoke residues are typically dry, powder-like particles.
  • Protein Residues – These types of residues have an extremely pungent odor, are virtually invisible, and often responsible for the discoloration of paints and varnishes.
  • Fire extinguishing chemicals, fingerprint powder, tear gas and other chemicals can also leave residues that must be cleaned up in order to restore a healthy, clean environment.

How You Can Help

Once the fire department has indicated that you can safely return to the area, there are several things you can do prior to our arrival that will increase the likelihood of salvaging your belongings. Your health and safety are more important than any possessions, so please do not take unnecessary risks and always adhere to the recommendations of the fire department or other responding authorities.


Kitchen Before Green Clean


Kitchen After Green Clean


  • Call Green Clean’s 24-hour disaster response line at (952) 930-6853
  • Call Your Insurance Company
  • Inventory your items
  • Open windows to allow smoke out and clean air in
  • Empty the contents of your refrigerator and freezer and prop the doors open
  • Remove and relocate any pets to safe, clean environment
  • Vacuum loose, dry soot/smoke particles from carpeting

    Porch Before Green Clean

  • Close doors and/or seal off entry to areas unaffected by fire or smoke
  • Change the furnace filter if blower is operating
  • Tape cheesecloth over air registers


  • Do not use any TVs, stereos or other electronic appliances or equipment until

    Porch After Green Clean

    they have been checked and/or thoroughly cleaned by a technician.

  • Do not attempt to wipe or wash ceilings, walls, or any absorbent surfaces as the water or soaps you use may cause further damage.
  • Do not attempt to clean carpeting with non-professional carpet cleaner or

    Living Room Before Green Clean


  • Do not consume food items exposed to high heat or smoke even if canned or sealed in a container.
  • Avoid using upholstered furniture or handling draperies.

Green Clean


Living Room After Green Clean

Restoration will:

  • Professionally clean your upholstery, drapes, carpets, walls and all other belongings
  • Clean and protect wood trim, cabinetry, hardware and fixtures
  • Clean and test appliances and electronic equipment
  • Use environmentally-friendly cleaning materials and processes
  • Use a dumpster service that sorts and recycles materials and products
  • Work with all insurance companies to quickly and accurately estimate repair and rebuild, and restoration costs

IICRC-Certified Technicians

As a member of the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), our restoration technicians adhere to IICRC standards, and are trained to handle every cleaning and restoration need.

Green clean offers the following fire, smoke, and water damage restoration services:

  • Pack up and board up services
  • Complete smoke residue cleanup
  • Complete structural drying
  • Structural demolition and debris removal as needed
  • Dehumidification
  • Water detection – including detection beneath floor coverings, within walls, wood framing, insulation, and sheetrock
  • Mold remediation
  • Disinfection & sanitization


Green Clean is a licensed, full-service general contractor and can facilitate the complete repair and reconstruction of a home or business. We provide a full range of reconstruction services including:

  • Insulation and drywall replacement
  • Re-setting cabinets
  • Flooring replacement and installation
  • Ceiling repair
  • Wood molding, baseboards and trim
  • Interior/exterior painting

Our technicians are experienced in every phase of the fire, smoke and water restoration process and will ensure your home or business is restored to pre-damage condition.


Green Clean uses industry-standard Xactimate estimation and claim software to quickly and accurately estimate repair, rebuild, and restoration costs—saving time and money for home and business owners and insurance companies. We have a thorough understanding of the insurance claim process and we take time to educate home and business owners about the claim process to help them make informed decisions about their claim.

Time is critical

To minimize health hazards and damage to your property,
contact our 24 Hour Disaster Response Line at (952) 930-6853 right away.
You can count on Green Clean’s restoration professionals to guide you through the process of restoring your home or business back to normal.