1 More Surprising Reason You Should Be Cleaning Green

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1 More Surprising Reason You Should Be Cleaning Green

Every day more and more chemicals are leaking into our waterways. Someone has to do something, and we certainly can’t rely on Big Chem to get the ball rolling.

It’s so important to be aware that even though it’s impossible to avoid chemical exposure in your daily life, you can minimize it. The easiest place to begin this process is at home—the one place that is under your control. You want it to be the safest place on earth.

So how and where do you begin to keep your family safe from toxic chemicals? To answer this, I turned to my referral partner, Paula Pursley, a Business Leader with Shaklee. Realizing she was burned out, Paula left a corporate mid-management position sixteen years ago. She began volunteering extensively in her community, which led to making many friends. Those friends turned into customers over time.

Paula began her chemical detox journey when she began experiencing menstrual migraines and side-effects from prescription drugs. After trying many remedies, she was introduced to and began using a natural progesterone cream that banished those headaches forever within just two months.

She has been able to help women with hormonal imbalance and nutrition, even as Big Chem remains hard at work. Then, when Paula discovered Shaklee, she fell in love with its product line—especially those for natural cleaning around the home such as Basic H.

Basic H is my favorite all purpose cleaning product. It may be the right place for you to begin removing chemicals from your household because of its versatility. I like it because it does a wonderful job of cleaning every surface in my home. Anything. Window glass, mirrors, sinks, toilets, stove tops and floors. I even use it to clean my car and boat interiors. When I clean glass mirrors and fixtures, it leaves them shiny and new looking with no streaks or harmful chemical residue.

Shaklee’s Basic H Product Image Source: shaklee.com

It is organic, contains no phosphates or hazardous chemicals, and packaging is recyclable. Because it is super concentrated, one bottle will last a long time. You don’t pay to ship water, making it a great value.

One of Paula’s pet-loving customers even used Basic H to successfully clean up dog vomit from carpet. Here’s a before (bottom row) and after (top row) photo:

Removing the chemicals from your home matters to more than just your family. “Be the change you want to see in the world,” may not have ever been uttered by Gandhi, but it sums up the point that small efforts add up.

You, as a household, can make a small difference. Together, many households cleaning green can make a large impact to reduce toxic chemical exposure, restore healthy environments, and make the world a happier place.

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