15 Reasons Summer Is The Perfect Time to Clean Your Carpet

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15 Reasons Summer Is The Perfect Time to Clean Your Carpet

Summer is the perfect time of year for chilly iced beverages, lazy weekend get togethers, and warm weather outings. It’s also a perfect time to get your carpet professionally cleaned.

Here are fifteen of our favorite reasons to take care of your carpet during the summer months:

  1. Bare feet: Nothing captures the spirit of the season better than padding around outside with bare feet. Unfortunately, bare feet can also be a nightmare for your carpets. Dirt, grease, and grit love to tagalong on bare tootsies and from there can quickly become ground into your carpet fibers.  
  2. Grass stains: Freshly mowed lawns smell amazing, but it’s easy to accidentally bring fresh clippings inside on shoes and clothing. From there it doesn’t take much to end up with tell-tale green streaks. 
  3. Popsicles: Colorful frozen treats are a great way to stay cool all summer long.  Just don’t be surprised when impatient popsicle aficionados leave a trail of drips all the way from the freezer door to the patio door. 
  4. Wine: Once the popsicle crowd heads to bed, warm summer evenings offer a great excuse to relax with a glass of wine. Even a small spill of red wine can be a huge headache to get out. 
  5. Pets: Chances are Fluffy is enjoying summertime too with its long walks and warm weather. However, the change in routines and noise levels can lead to behavioral problems for even the most beloved pets, including indoor accidents by even well-trained animals (not to mention the items that Fluffy can track into the house when he’s being a good boy). 
  6. Graduation parties: With schools often celebrating commencements at both the beginning and end of summer, the whole season is fair game for graduation parties. And while a steady stream of guests promises to be a good time for everyone, it can also leave your carpets looking decidedly gray.  
  7. Finger painting: With school out it’s the perfect season for crafting with the kids. You’ll always treasure the handprint cards and notes they make for you, even if you’re less enthusiastic about the handprints on the carpet and rugs. 
  8. BBQ: It doesn’t matter if you prefer a spicy sweet Kansas City barbecue sauce, a yellow North Carolina sauce, or a tangy Hawaiian sauce–we can get all of them out, so enjoy every finger-licking bite! 
  9. Movie nights: Don’t let the fear of spilling keep everyone in the family from enjoying their favorite flick at home with a tall glass of root beer and a big bucket of buttery popcorn.
  10. Garden vegetables: It’s hard to compete with the flavor of a sun-ripened tomato right from the garden. Eaten raw or simmered into sauces and salsas, fresh red tomatoes are the taste of summer…and the enemy of carpets.  
  11. Fertilizers and pesticides: That yummy tomato had to come from somewhere. If you have a garden chances are you’re tracking potentially harmful chemicals into your house on your feet all summer long. Regularly cleaning your carpets can help reduce this ongoing indoor exposure to fertilizers and pesticides. 
  12. Guests: Having houseguests can be the highlight of the season, so welcome them in style with freshly cleaned carpets (or clean it once they leave for your pleasure).  
  13. In Laws: Having your in laws over may (or may not) be the low point of the season, so ward off judgment by having freshly cleaned carpets. Can you really ever over prepare your home for these visits?  
  14. Staycations: The best reason to have your carpet cleaned in the summer is for your own enjoyment. Make your home feel a little more like a luxury resort by treating yourself to the look and feel of well cared for carpets. 
  15. Time to move: Last but not least, Summer is the time many people choose to move. Whether you’re leaving your home or just moving in, cleaning your carpet can ensure that you – and your new buyers – enjoy a clean home.

Hopefully you enjoyed these fun reasons to have your carpet cleaned this Summer. To schedule your cleaning today, contact us today! We start every conversation with a FREE estimate.

-Green Clean Team