4 Things To Do Before Your Holiday Party This Year.

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4 Things To Do Before Your Holiday Party This Year.

Fall is always a fantastic time when everyone is in preparation mode. Preparation for the holiday season, and secondly, for the coming winter, which is not all fun considering the wet and cold weather. The holiday season presents a special time to share moments with your family and friends. This is often characterized by attending and also welcoming visitors to your home for parties. The last thing you want is guests finding your home uncomfortable, not to mention unwelcoming. 

Therefore, we compiled these 4 easy-to-do things before the holiday season begins.

Clean Your Carpet

Your carpet collects grime, dust, and dirt all the time, including food particles, pet spots/hair to beverage spillage. So, if you’re overdue for a carpet cleaning, before your holiday party is a good time to consider having it done.

At Green Clean we offer Minneapolis residents two options for carpet cleaning. Truck mounted steam extraction and the dual process cleaning method. 

The truck-mounted steam extraction method is a common cleaning method that involves pre-treatment, power-raking, and steam extraction with no residue left behind.

The dual process cleaning method on the other hand involves pre-treatment, Rotary Foam shampooing (soft scrub) and truck-mounted steam extraction. The method requires the use of a special nylon brush for carpets. The Dual Process method is a full restorative cleaning solution with no residue left behind. We recommend this for residential and commercial carpeting that have not been professionally cleaned in over six month

Need to have one of the options done at your home? Contact us today

Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned

Fall is preceded by summer, when your AC unit works hard to keep your interiors cool. What this means is your air ducts had a good time with the dusty summer air. Considering the health implications of poor indoor air quality, you should have your air ducts cleaned in the fall.

Furthermore, cleaning the air duct(s) before the winter seasons is prudent, as you don’t want to overwhelm your HVAC system as it tries to keep the air warm during the chilly weather. Dusty air ducts can lead to high utility bills due to the system’s inefficiency. And, worse, a breakdown in the middle of a cold night or party time, which no one ever wants to experience.


Cleaning removes dirt but doesn’t kill germs and viruses. If you want to eliminate these disease-causing pathogens, including viruses like coronavirus, you have got to make disinfecting a routine. But the most crucial part is knowing how to do it correctly.

To ensure that the disinfectant works efficiently, you need to understand the dwell time of the type or brand you’re using. Dwell time is essentially the amount of time the disinfecting chemical needs to stay wet on the surface to kill bacteria and viruses effectively. You can get this info from the label, but basically, some require as little as 30 seconds of dwell time while others will require nearly 10 minutes.

At Green Clean Care, we recommend always ensuring you disinfect your home’s surfaces before and after your holiday parties to keep your family and visitors safe.

Odor Removal

Your party mood can quickly turn negative if your visitors start noticing the presence of a foul odor in your home. Some people who are even extra sensitive to a bad odor can even suffer from headaches, dizziness, or nausea.

One thing that fools many homeowners is assuming their home is odorless until a guest actually proves them wrong. This is because you can easily get used to your home’s unique smell; even if it’s obvious to others. The best bet before your holiday season is to request our effective odor removal service to assess if your home needs it. 

Our process includes first identifying the odor source and then applying the best method to remove it. Whether it is a pet, food/cigarette, or mold odor, we have the tools and skilled odor removers that will leave your home fresh-smelling for upcoming events, parties, or family dinners.

Here at Green Clean Care, we believe that every Minneapolis residence deserves a clean and welcoming home. Connect with our team today to schedule a professional restoration or cleaning service.