4 Upholstery Cleaning Insights That Every Homeowner Should Know.

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4 Upholstery Cleaning Insights That Every Homeowner Should Know.

Over the past 25 years, we have seen all kinds of upholstery stains and wear. We also have experience with all kinds of fabrics and textiles. Furthermore, we have used eco-friendly products before eco-friendly was even a household word. 

As a result, our team has plenty of experience helping homeowners like you maintain your upholstery without harming pets, children, or sensitive members of your household. Here are four upholstery cleaning insights that you and every other homeowner should know.

Dry Brush & Vacuum Your Upholstery.

The important thing is to clean your upholstery on a regular basis. This helps to maintain its appearance in between professional cleanings. While dry brushing and vacuuming will remove dust and brighten your furniture’s appearance, professional deep cleaning is the safest way to remove odors and embedded dirt.

Know Your Fabrics and Identify the Stain.

Fabrics and textiles, even if they appear the same, are not generic. Manufacturers might choose different blends or chemical additives to protect upholstery, which makes a one-size-fits-all approach impractical. Fortunately, manufacturers put codes on furniture tags. The tags are typically located on the platform directly under the removable seat cushion (usually in the center). 

Once you’ve located the tag, you can use it to find out whether water can be used to clean your furniture’s upholstery, or if you need to use a specific type of chemical blend, or if you need to call in a professional cleaner for specialty fabric (we always recommend professional assistance for deep cleaning). For a handy guide to fabric codes, click here.

You also need to identify the stain, and unfortunately, there are some stains that might not come out. If the stain is particularly stubborn, like red wine or chocolate, then you might end up ruining the fabric altogether. In cases like these, it is best to contact a professional cleaning service to see if removal is possible, and if so, what the best process is to remove it.

Stick To a Maintenance Schedule

Dry brushing with a soft natural bristle brush and vacuuming are excellent, safe ways to maintain your upholstery. However, if your upholstery is showing signs of dirt, then it might be too late for surface cleaning to improve the situation. If your upholstery is new and you clean it regularly, then plan to have it professionally cleaned every two years or less.

In between professional cleanings, keep up your maintenance schedule. Most sofas last up to seven years before showing signs of damage. Proper maintenance and scheduled cleanings can increase your furniture’s lifespan.

Prepare for Professional Cleanings

Whether you are contacting a professional cleaner for a regularly scheduled upholstery cleaning or if you are contacting the service because of an emergency, it is best to let the service understand the problem so that expert cleaners arrive with the right equipment. This will spare you some time and anxiety.

Send photos to your professional cleaner before the cleaning, so that the cleaning service can ask the right questions and offer the best solutions. 

There are carpet cleaning companies and do-it-yourself methods that promise complete stain removal. While there are many solutions to removing dirt, dust, and other debris from upholstery, in some cases, even professional cleaners won’t be able to remove everything. At Green Clean, we’ll do our best to educate you on our expectations based on the photos and insights you provide before the cleaning.