5 Common Causes of Water Damage to Your Home

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5 Common Causes of Water Damage to Your Home

One of the most damaging elements that can invade your home is water. When water infiltrates your home, it can cost thousands of dollars in damage to floors, walls, furniture and the underlying building structure. Plus, there is also the risk of mold, which can lead to health hazards and more damage to your home. Water damage can come from several different sources, many of which may be unexpected. Here are five common causes of water damage all homeowners want to prevent.

  1. Plumbing problems. In Minnesota, freezing pipes is a common problem that can lead to water damage. But it is not just a burst pipe that can create a leak in your plumbing. Pipes can corrode or connections to fixtures can become worn, causing major plumbing problems and water leaks.
  2. Ice dams. When ice forms at the edge of your roof creating an ice dam, water can get trapped on your roof. This can cause leaks into your walls, around window or door jams and through the roof.
  3. Water heater flooding. Tank water heaters are notorious for springing leaks. In a matter of minutes, hundreds of gallons of water can flood your home if the tank becomes corroded or damaged.
  4. Basement leaks. Keeping water out of your basement requires effective waterproofing and excess water removal systems in place. If your waterproofing is not sufficient, or your sump pump fails, your basement can become flooded.
  5. Roof damage. A leaking roof can quickly cause extensive water damage in your home, dripping down through the ceilings and walls of your structure.

Many of these issues can be prevented by keeping up with home maintenance. However, not all water infiltration can be stopped. When a pipe bursts or a storm creates a hole in your roof, you not only need to worry about fixing the leak problem, you need an expert water removal and restoration service to protect your home.

Twin Cities’ Water and Flood Damage Experts

Green Clean is where you can find local water and flood damage experts in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. We offer professional water damage restoration when you fall victim to an ice dam, flooded basement or roof damage. We can quickly and effectively detect and repair water damage, using professional drying and extraction equipment and IICRC-certified technicians. At the first sign of water infiltration to your home, call our team. Green Clean offers 24-hour emergency assistance for water damage to our customers, with full restoration services available.