5 Facts About Professional Upholstery Cleaning That Will Impress Your Friends

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5 Facts About Professional Upholstery Cleaning That Will Impress Your Friends

Week after week you:

  • Vacuum the carpet,
  • Shake out the rugs,
  • Change the sheets, and
  • Dust.

You may believe that cleanliness is next to godliness, 0r you simply know more than the average bear about dust mite droppings and other contaminants. Plus their impact on indoor air quality.

Regardless, you run a tight ship and even prepare for holidays well in advance.

But are you overlooking the need to clean your upholstered furniture from time to time?

While it’s certainly not anything that needs doing on a weekly basis, there are definite facts that make it worth being on your regular schedule.

We recommend vacuuming upholstered furniture at least quarterly. It’s also a good idea to have it professionally cleaned every couple of years…

Here’s why:

  1. It will remove dirt, dust, and stains from your upholstery, making it look better and ensuring it lasts longer.
  2. Clean upholstery makes you feel better and improves your confidence when entertaining others.
  3. Professional upholstery cleaning using steam can kill dust mites, while vacuuming just removes them temporarily. This improves indoor air quality and may reduce symptoms of allergies and asthma.
  4. It also removes grime that builds up over time, especially on the arms of chairs and sofas, as well as where heads rest.
  5. As if that weren’t enough, professional cleaning removes other small particles and debris. Things too small for the human eye to see, like bacteria, insect parts, fragrances, chemical fumes from household cleaners, fabric fibers, smoke, mold spores, and pollen are embedded in upholstery fibers.

Your home is your fortress from the world. Guard it from microscopic pollutants, and critters like dust mites, that may cause symptoms of allergies and asthma. Save time by scheduling professional upholstery and carpet cleaning in one appointment.

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