5 Reasons To Clean Your Carpet Before You Move

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5 Reasons To Clean Your Carpet Before You Move

Nothing makes a house feel as warm and inviting as a freshly cleaned carpet. The freshness of a clean carpet welcomes guests and visitors into a space that is clearly well-maintained. It’s important, for that reason and more, to make sure that your carpet is at it’s cleanest before you make a move.

Whether you’ve already sold or are planning on selling your home, here are five great reasons you should clean your carpet today:

Clean Carpet Sells Homes.

Imagine walking into a home showing where the carpet is untidy and even dirty. There aren’t many turn offs to purchasing a home more prominent than that. A clean carpet speaks to the cleanliness of the entire space and welcomes showings with the promise of a tidy space.

Allergens Are Removed From the Carpet.

Whether you’re a pet owner or simply have a lot of foot traffic at peak allergy seasons, carpets can contain many allergens that may turn off potential homebuyers. Removing these allergens ensures that your home is ready for any type of buyer, no matter how bad their allergies may be.

Cleaning is Cheaper Than Replacing.

If your carpet is going to be in question from a purchaser, it’s cheaper for you to give it a great, like-new cleaning rather than actually replacing it. Make your carpets look brand new rather than actually purchasing new carpet at a much higher price.

Clean Carpet Makes Your Home Move-In Ready.

There are so many tasks to complete in order to make a sold home move-in ready. Taking care of the carpet cleaning is one easy task to check off before you even begin the selling process or, if you’ve already sold the home, to quickly have taken care of in an afternoon.

A Good Cleaning Gets Rids of Carpet Smells


Much like allergens, many different smells can live in a dirty carpet. Make sure that potential buyers aren’t wrinkling their noses as soon as they step foot in your home by getting a great cleaning for the carpet that won’t need to be covered up with candles or sprays.

If you’re planning to move, a great carpet cleaning can mean the difference between a sold home and another month or two on the market. If you’ve already sold your home, make sure you’re move in ready with the freshest carpets possible. Give Green Clean Restoration & Cleaning Services a call today to schedule your carpet cleaning.

-Green Clean Team