7 Principles of a Healthy Home

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7 Principles of a Healthy Home

We enjoyed reading this article about fourth graders in Union Beach, New Jersey, which was one of the communities hit hardest by Superstorm Sandy.

Flooding created some unhealthy conditions in Union Beach homes, and the Health Department ran a contest to help make the children aware of what they can do to keep their home healthy and make their community better.

We’ve piggy-backed on the seven principles they used that are applicable to all Minnesotans, too.

  1. Keep it dry. Make sure wall cavities and areas above ceilings are properly insulated so that cool air on warm surfaces doesn’t cause condensation that may go unnoticed until it turns to mold.
  2. Keep it clean. Keep allergies and asthma at bay by using green home cleaning products. Check if your furnace filter needs to be changed to keep indoor air quality at its highest.
  3. Keep it ventilated. Check that your bathroom fan is clean and working properly.
  4. Keep it pest-free. Monitor your basement for cracks and crevices that might
    allow rodents and other pests to enter.
  5. Keep it safe. Check for fire and slip-and-fall hazards.
  6. Keep it contaminant-free. Check basement walls and ceilings as well as corners in carpeted rooms for dampness or discoloration that may indicate mold problems. Check for high levels of carbon monoxide and radon.
  7. Keep it maintained. Make a list of repairs that need to be made at the earliest possible time.

These are great tips for any time of year, not just during holidays. A healthy home is a happy home, and green solutions are an added nice touch to protect your family’s health.

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