7 Reasons Why Not Cleaning Your Carpet is Like Holding an Awesome Party

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7 Reasons Why Not Cleaning Your Carpet is Like Holding an Awesome Party

When you’re busy enjoying the great outdoors by going to parks, trails, lakes, and parties, it’s easy to forget about cleaning your carpet.

After all, your carpet doesn’t feel bad if leave home without it. It’s the strong, silent type. Don’t ignore it too long, though. It knows how to hold an awesome party of its own. One that you wouldn’t want to attend. One that benefits others more than you and your family.

Reason #7 Not Cleaning Your Carpet is Like Throwing an Awesome Party: Having dirty carpet is like passing out a flyer on campus that says, “FREE! All-You-Can-Eat…and Drink! Kegger at Johnny’s house, 8pm Friday,” but to dust mites. If you have a hot tub, even better. Dust mites love humidity.

#6: Allergens like feather particles and fecal matter from insects build up. Might as well place a follow-up phone call to dust mites to see if they’re attending and ask them to bring guests. Since dust mites are microscopic, millions can go unnoticed, potentially creating more business for allergists.

#5: Spots and stains attract friends just like themselves. Everyone likes to hang around with people that make them feel comfortable.  If you procrastinate in removing tough stains from your carpet, it’s good for the carpet cleaning business because it takes lot more work when they do get the job of cleaning your carpet. Some spots and stains can’t be fully removed when left too long. Ignoring them increases the odds that more spots and stains will appear nearby simply because people tend to care less. Most carpet cleaning companies, including ours, would prefer to be able to do a superb job for you.

#4: Indoor Air Quality suffers when you aren’t cleaning your carpet regularly, especially if you have pets. This means physicians and pharmacies have reason to celebrate, even though they’d prefer that you remain healthy. Poor indoor air quality is a major cause of allergies and illness.

#3: Pollen remains in your home longer because it gets stuck in your carpet along with allergens noted above in #6. This gives reasons for executives at Kleenex and Scott Tissues to party, too, when they review their P&Ls.

#2: Family morale suffers when your home is not clean. When people get sad, they tend to isolate themselves at home and lie around more. This means great things to furniture and mattress companies.

And, finally, the #1 Reason Not Cleaning Your Carpet is Like Throwing an Awesome Party: Soil, sand, and other debris left on carpet gets ground in by traffic. This wears down and even breaks some fibers. In addition to making it harder to clean, it also means your carpet wears out faster. Carpet retailers always celebrate sales.

We happen to think that it’s important to quit throwing parties for unwanted guests and keep your home party-ready to spend time with guests you love. It makes it more likely that you’ll remember to keep your carpet’s warranty valid. (Most carpet warranties require that carpets be cleaned using the extraction method within a specific amount of time, usually every 12 to 18 months.)

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