Benefits of Steam Cleaning Carpet

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Benefits of Steam Cleaning Carpet

When it comes to your home’s carpet, cleaning regularly is the best way you can protect your investment. Your home will be open to friends and visitors during the short warmer months. Regular cleaning removes unwanted and hidden contaminants trapped in carpeting all winter along with the usual soil and allergens.

In our opinion, in conjunction with thorough agitation such as power raking or scrubbing, truck-mounted steam extraction can do the carpet-cleaning job best. While vacuuming on a frequent basis can improve air quality, it takes more than this to ensure that your carpet will last longer. Keep in mind that quality of your finances is important, too.

One of the greatest benefits of steam cleaning carpet is realized when you employ a truck-mounted steam extraction system. This method, used by professional carpet cleaning companies, and ensures that the water remains continuously hot. It is a more effective method of removing soil and debris that has built up in your carpet over the long winter.

Here’s why:

  • Hot water shoots into carpet fibers, and greatly reduces hidden germs, allergens, toxins, and bacteria so you can breathe easier.
  • Controlled moisture levels means your carpet padding and underlying flooring is not damaged. Truck-mounted systems have a strong suctioning component to remove as much water as possible quickly.
  • Discoloration chances are nearly zero when using a consistently hot temperature of water to generate steam. This is true as long as the suction component of the cleaning company’s equipment is in good working order.
  • Carpet will remain cleaner longer providing it has thoroughly dried before you begin walking on it again.
  • Carpet drying times are much shorter than with other steam cleaning methods such as standalone machines with electric cords.

You want your home environment to radiate as much positive energy as possible because it is cleaner. This is obviously terrific for both your, your family’s and your guests’ health and moods.

Imagine what a boost to your confidence clean carpeting is when you entertain family and friends. As a result, your guests will find it easier to relax and conversation will flow more freely. It’s a win-win!

It takes experience, knowledge, tools and products to remove heavy traffic area stains and stubborn spots. Generally, only a professional cleaner can do this well.

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