Carpet Cleaning Demonstration

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Carpet Cleaning Minneapolis Networking GroupWe recently had the opportunity to give a carpet cleaning demonstration for a local Minneapolis business group.  Live demonstrations are a special thing and we hope it shows you never should have to endure unsightly carpet stains in your home or office.

On average, we see and clean around 8-10 different carpet types each month.  For this demonstration, we included two common carpet types, an olefin berber and a polyester cut pile.  The carpets were soiled liberally with mud stains, soda pop, and ashes from the BBQ and the stains were given a chance to set.

Pre-treatment for carpet cleaning involves application of Bio-Kleen, an all natural traffic lane cleaner.  Once pre-treated, a professional grade shampooer lifts the dirt out of the deep spots in the carpet.  Next, the carpet is thoroughly rinsed clean using truck mounted steam extraction, leaving it free of any residue. The high powered vacuum keeps contact of water with the carpet to a minimum.

Some stains we encounter are tougher to remove from the carpet.  In these cases, extra passes with the equipment and specialized cleaning solutions are used and most stains we are able to remove.  Depending upon humidity and airflow, carpet typically takes between 4 and 10 hours to dry completely.  See the photos below for the final result of the demonstration.

Before Carpet CleaningAfter Carpet Cleaning

After the demonstration, people are often amazed at how different the carpet looks. When they touch the carpet, it feels clean – almost like new. At Green Clean, the carpet cleaning minneapolis specialists, we apply our years of experience and expertise to every floor we encounter in order to get the best results – even when it’s just a demo.

Green Clean has provided quality service for carpet cleaning and restoration services in the Twin Cities area since 1996. Call these carpet cleaning Minneapolis specialists today for a free, no obligation estimate over the phone or at your residential or commercial location.