Carpet Cleaning Minneapolis: Why Cat Stink Sticks

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Carpet Cleaning Minneapolis: Why Cat Stink Sticks

Our Number One pet peeve is when Carpet Cleaners and pet care product companies make overstated claims or false guarantees about their carpet cleaning Minneapolis products and pet odor removal process.

We’ve seen too many people pay an exorbitant fee to believe that their carpet was now fresh as a daisy and would remain that way after a cat accident. Baloney! We know better.  The odor may eventually return because of the chemicals and proteins in cat fluids.

Carpet and padding is porous and, although there are varying degrees of porosity, removing cat stink is challenging. We know, because we have tried for 25 years to remove these odors.

When a cat pees or sprays the carpet, areas may need to be replaced.  Depending on the severity, the odor may be removed but this is typically temporary. Be sure to consult a Minneapolis professional before spending a lot of money on pet odor removal.

Here are a few of our best pet odor removal tips to help you breathe easy this spring:

  • Be diligent to clean all items related to your pet, as well as the pet itself.
  • Vacuum and wash floors regularly. In addition to keeping air quality higher by removing dander and soil, the fresh smell improves your home’s positive energy.
  • Clean upholstery and carpet on a schedule. You may think your pet would never jump up on the couch since you’ve trained him or her, but for most of us that’s not true. They love cushy places.
  • Take your pet into the vet for regular checkups.

None of this is rocket science, of course, but with the busy lives we all lead, we find it helpful to revisit these basics from time to time. Hope you found them useful.

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