Children and Pets Do Not Mean the End of Clean Carpet

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Children and Pets Do Not Mean the End of Clean Carpet

Have you ever walked into a home that looked like a museum? The walls are without a smudge. The carpets look like they are brand new. Your first thought is that nobody actually lives here. Then the cat comes out from behind the sofa, and the kids come running downstairs.  You scratch your head for the remainder of the evening, thinking of your own children and your home. With your dog, cat, and kids running around, your carpets have never looked new – except for maybe the first five minutes.  Fortunately, you can change that without replacing the carpets you have.

Those Impossible Stains

If you have kids or pets, you have surely seen a stain (or twenty!) on your carpet. Whether it be pet urine or feces, spaghetti sauce, red wine, or even marker, they have made many a home owner cringe. Even the best DIY stain remover tricks are often not enough to make your carpets look new. Often, we just find a larger piece of furniture and move it over the stain. Maybe we resort to an accent area rug: out of sight, out of mind. When that is not a possibility, we just apologize for the appearance of our carpets. We sheepishly remind people we have pets and small children with that uneasy laugh most homeowners have mastered.

No More Shame

The good news is we can leave our shame at the door and begin to enjoy our homes once again. How, might you ask? Not all carpet mishaps are meant for DIY fixes. Tough stains require additional care to remove. When a tough stain occurs, contact the experts to put a treatment on your carpet before attempting to remove it yourself. It is very difficult even for the pros to remove spots if they have already been worked on. At Green Clean, we have a spot cleaner for our clients to use between cleanings that is safe and reduces the chances of setting the stain.

If you need your carpets cleaned, contact the experts at Green Clean at (763) 789-9600. Their licensed and certified cleaning experts will utilize environmentally friendly products that are safe for your kids and pets whenever possible. Green Clean is a member of the Better Business Bureau and maintain an A+ rating by always offering exceptional service at affordable prices. Their cleaning experts are able to assist you and answer any of your carpet cleaning questions and concerns.