Minneapolis Deep Cleaning Services

Minneapolis Deep Cleaning Services

Keep Your Home Safe and Your Family Healthy
with the Application of Disinfectants

At Green Clean, we’ve always taken cleanliness and the deep cleaning services we provide seriously. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve worked hard to stay updated on current guidance and information. We operate carefully and follow recommendations provided by health professionals and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) when providing our restoration and cleaning services.

Safe-Yet-Effective Deep Cleaning Services in Minneapolis

One of the most promoted recommendations the CDC has put out has been to regularly use disinfectants on high-touch areas. For the most part, people can do that themselves on a frequent basis. However, what happens when you need a deep cleaning, perhaps following a recent COVID exposure? Sometimes your basic bleach and wipes just don’t cut it.

At Green Clean, we offer deep cleaning services for homes and businesses throughout the Minneapolis metro area. We follow CDC guidelines and dwell times to ensure we properly apply EPA-registered disinfectants to your entire affected area.

We have eco-friendly disinfectant options that are safe for your family and pets, which is why we offer the following:
  • Eco-friendly disinfectant options
  • Electrostatic sprayer
  • ULV fogging
  • Application of EPA-registered disinfectants  
  • And more

Choose Green Clean in Minneapolis for Your Deep Cleaning Service Needs


Our experts understand every house and business’s needs are different from the next. That’s why our first step is to gather as much information as possible to decide what technique and products would work best for you and your space.

Once we have a plan, we will dispatch our deep cleaning service crew who will arrive wearing the proper PPE gear—to best protect themselves and you—to apply disinfectants in your home or business. No matter what process we choose, we will pay special attention to high-touch areas, including door knobs, kitchens, bathrooms, upholstery, lobby areas and so much more.

Another important aspect of our work is that we carefully consider the dwell time of each product we use. With any cleaning product, it’s crucial to follow the instructions given to ensure proper use.

Unfortunately, this is an area where many people fall short, as they often do not allow the cleaner to sit long enough to properly disinfect the surface it has been applied to. We also use an electrostatic sprayer that allows us to take a more aggressive approach, without using harmful chemicals or the need to wipe down surfaces once they have been applied.

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Green Clean, which is celebrating over 25 years in business, offers quality, eco-friendly water damage restoration and deep cleaning services in Minneapolis and the greater Twin Cities area. Contact us now for an estimate, to schedule an appointment, or to know more about our eco-friendly cleaning agents and processes.