Did You Add A Pet This Holiday Season? Here Are Some Proven Ways To Protect Your Carpet.

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Did You Add A Pet This Holiday Season? Here Are Some Proven Ways To Protect Your Carpet.

Although pets bring plenty of love and joy into homes, they require an enormous amount of care. This includes grooming, 24/7 access to fresh water, regular exercise, healthy food, and a safe, cozy shelter. On the contrary, pets cause a lot of mess and dirt, especially on carpets. If you have added a new pet to your home, there are chances your carpet might be exposed to some sort of damage.

Whether it is a dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig, or any other pet, getting the pet’s odor out of your carpet can be quite challenging. While some pets can cause direct damage to the carpet, adopting best practices to extend the life of your carpet can help.

Ways to Protect Your Carpet When Adding A New Pet

Train Them Where to Go to The Bathroom

Pets can cause a lot of mess, from the yard to the carpet, when relieving themselves whenever they want. For instance, dogs love peeing on the carpet and the yard to mark their territory, and they will continue doing that over and over. The same applies to most pets, but training your new pet where to go to the bathroom helps protect your carpet and other areas in the house.

However, patience and commitment are vital when training new pets where to relieve themselves. This means planning for accidents when you least expect them, since new pets are often excited and traumatic at the same time. Studies show that dogs can take between 10-14 days to get acclimated to new surroundings. During this period, it would not be easy to get your pet to go to the bathroom at the same place.

Limit Time Unsupervised

New pets require attention and constant monitoring to make them feel happy and comfortable in their new environment. Generally, some pets can run away when left unattended, since they may find the home unappealing. Protecting your carpet begins with keeping an eye on your new pet, especially when they don’t know how and where to go potty.

It is a great feeling when your new pup roams the house to explore its new surroundings. However, monitoring their behavior is ideal when teaching your pet new habits, such as where to go to the bathroom. Other habits include the location of the dog bowl, sleeping area, and more. This creates a better living environment for your new pet, primarily protecting your carpet against pet poop, pee, and other odors.

Hire A Dog Trainer

Adding one or more new pets to your home is an exciting feeling, although it requires extra care for the first few weeks. Training them where to potty, supervising them regularly, and teaching them new habits is crucial to caring for and protecting your carpet from pet odor, dirt, and any other mess. If you need help training your new pet, we highly recommend that you check out these local teams: Go Anywhere Dog & The Canine Coach.

Clean Your Carpet with The Right Products

Since your new pet is often in contact with your carpet, chances are it will become dirty and smelly over time. The carpet may also experience other issues such as discoloration due to pet urine and fur, resulting in spots. Our Free spot cleaner enables you to keep it clean and maintain the odor of your carpet (you can get it for FREE on our website). Alternatively, you can use diluted vinegar to clean the carpet from the mess created by your new pup.

Most homeowners make the mistake of using brand names when purchasing carpet cleaning products with lots of soap and dangerous chemicals. Besides not delivering the required cleaning, such products may leave chemicals that result in bacteria and dirt buildup. This may affect the health of your beloved pet, including posing a danger to your loved ones’ health, while also not effectively cleaning your carpet.

At Green Clean, we provide high-quality carpet cleaning services to help you keep your carpet clean and free against dog odor and mess; especially if you’ve added a new pet this year. Contact us to learn more today!