The Dishwasher is Leaking; Now What?!

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The Dishwasher is Leaking; Now What?!

Owning a home is always fun. Home improvement projects are exciting and a fun chance to work together as a family…said no home owner ever. The truth is, unless you are planning a renovation, you hope you do not need a major home improvement project. Replacing a blind here or there is one thing. Having to replace appliances and clean up the aftermath is another headache all together. That is why hearing the phrase, “The dishwasher is leaking,” will cause you to bury your head in your hands and sigh, loudly.

The Basics

If you were lucky enough to notice the very first leak from the dishwasher, you may have an easy fix, by simply replacing the dishwasher immediately and cleaning up the floor, quickly, as you stop it mid-cycle. However, we are never that lucky. A leaky dishwasher is always bigger than the dishwasher. Replacing the appliance is the last piece to the puzzle. Maybe your dishwasher sits directly on the floor over the foundation and not over a basement or bottom level of your home. If that is the case, the problem is much smaller. Again, many people are not often that lucky. Most people have a dishwasher that is in the kitchen which is over the basement or third floor. This is where the fun begins.

The Real Job

As mentioned above, the issue with a leaky dishwasher is never the dishwasher needing replacing. The issue is the damage done to your home. First, it is important to determine the cause of the leak. It a hose issue or a seal issue within the dishwasher unit. If it is a hose issue, the hoses must be repaired or replaced. The next step is to survey the damage to your floors and the area beneath the kitchen which could have been damaged by the leak. You may also want to check walls to make sure the hose or a pipe wasn’t leaking, causing it to look like the dishwasher leaked, when, in fact, the dishwasher works perfectly. Once you have found the cause and surveyed the damage, it is time to start repairing the mess. The water must be cleaned and, if any damage occurred as the result of the leak, repairs need to be made. Then, and only then, it is time to either repair or replace your dishwasher. The truth is, any leak in your home can be detrimental to your entire home and should be handled with care.

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