Don’t Waste Money Reupholstering Your Furniture: Clean It!

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Don’t Waste Money Reupholstering Your Furniture: Clean It!

We are a nation of Do It Yourselfers, looking to YouTube tutorials to learn the best, all natural, remedy to clean anything and everything in our homes and vehicles. The latest Mommy blog swears by club soda and vinegar to take the stain out of your couch. Based on the accompanying video, it looks easy enough and seems as though it will take out the stain without changing the color of the fabric. The truth is, it may just do that, but eventually, your furniture will look blotchy because some spots are cleaner than others. It will look ruined and your first instinct, since you have been “cleaning” it all of this time, is to get it reupholstered or get rid of it all together. As a parent or homeowner, you are rarely told to ignore your instincts, however, this is one of those times that you should listen when told to ignore your instincts.

What You Were Really Doing All of This Time

Every time you apply your home remedy to a spot on your furniture to remove a stain, whether it be lipstick, crayon, or something the family pet left behind, you are simply spot cleaning. While spot cleaning can help make sure the stain does not set, it does not help to keep your furniture looking nice all of the time. Eventually, much like your favorite shirt that has been Tide-sticked to death, discoloration starts to occur. Areas are clean while other areas have remaining dirt and residue that has never been touched. The untrained eye sees a couch that looks like it is beginning to deteriorate and that the clean spots are getting too worn out. This is actually not the case most times. Most times, the clean spots are just cleaner than the dirty spots. Either way, spot cleaning is only good to help with an immediate need, but it needs to follow up with a full wash.

Fix It; Don’t Replace It

At this point, you are looking to replace your furniture or at least reupholster it to bring it back to its original glory. You may not need new furniture if it can be saved with a good cleaning. This is the time to check with professionals to see if it’s worth cleaning. If the pros tell you they can save your furniture, hire a professional cleaning service to restore the original beauty of your upholstery. The cleaning service will typically employ a service in which your entire piece of furniture will be thoroughly cleaned to create a more uniformed appearance. Now you have a newer looking piece of furniture at a much lower cost than purchasing new furniture or reupholstering the old furniture. Depending on the amount of wear and tear your furniture receives, this process should be repeated regularly, at least every 1-3 years.

If you are considering reupholstering your furniture to repair the damage done by spot cleaning, contact the experts at Green Clean Restoration and Cleaning Service at 763-789-9600. Their expert cleaners will review the furniture and help bring it back to its original glory as affordably as possible.