General Carpet Cleaning

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General Carpet Cleaning

What are you doing to keep your carpets soft, bright and clean? You can make a “no shoes” rule, designate rooms where the kids can eat snacks, and try your best to keep your pet’s paws off your carpets. However, without general cleaning, your carpet will inevitably end up dirty despite your best efforts.

It is important to remember that most dirt or debris that ruins carpets is lightweight, which means it can blow in from outside. Besides keeping your carpets clean, there are also other benefits to carrying out general cleaning as part of your home maintenance.  Not cleaning your carpets can also negatively affect your health.

Dirt Reduction

General carpet cleaning will help to ensure that dirt is removed before it can cause permanent damage to your carpets. You may not even see it, but every time you step on your carpets you are likely pressing dirt into the fibers. It is much easier to clean loose debris than deal with carpets that need a deep clean using specialized equipment.

Stain Prevention

If you want to keep on top of stains, a general carpet cleaning is the perfect solution. The cost of hiring professionals is much less than what you would pay to replace a ruined carpet. If you let stains settle, they become harder to remove and could result in permanent damage. An expert carpet cleaner can remove stains and keep your floors looking great.

Allergy Relief

Do you have a family member who suffers from allergies? Carpets are notorious for harboring allergens and dust mites when not regularly cleaned. We like to refer to the carpet as “the largest filter in the home.” It requires maintenance just like changing a furnace filter. You can increase the quality of life for family members with allergies by ensuring that your carpets are kept clean. Carpet maintenance is also vitally important for people who suffer from asthma.

If your carpets are in need of a professional cleaning, Green Clean Restoration & Cleaning Services is here to provide an eco-friendly service. Call today at 763-789-9600 to book an appointment for your home or commercial premises.