Have You Ever Met God’s Gift to Carpet Cleaning?

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Have You Ever Met God’s Gift to Carpet Cleaning?

When you’re looking around for carpet cleaning estimates, expect to hear all kinds of things.

You may be promised the moon on a golden platter in a bid to win your carpet cleaning business.

Set yourself up for a great experience when purchasing carpet cleaning by watching out for these lines:

  • A promise of “lowest price” is a common indicator that you are far more likely to receive high-pressure asks for add-ons or a hastily performed service.Huge promises of “the world” over the phone may leave you with expectations that no carpet cleaning company can deliver, no matter how good their reputation.For example, if they promise to remove a pet odor no one else has been able to, proceed with extra caution. Here’s the truth about how to remove pet odors from carpet.
  • “We’ve never had any complaints.” Balderdash.Every service company has issues at some point, including us. What matters most is how they address those issues.The Better Business Bureau (BBB) posts complaint information and can show how companies handle those complaints. They also now show reviews.
  • Especially watch out when you hear carpet cleaners tell you how many carpets they cleaned last week, because…

Number of Cleaned Carpets Quality Job (or Caring Heart)

If you ever find yourself on the phone with Mr. God’s Gift to carpet cleaning or, “Oh, noes,” face-to-face with him in your own home, we suggest you send him on his merry way.

There are many reputable carpet cleaning out there. You may have to do more online homework to find one.

Some of the things we think are important to get the answers to are:

How long has the company been in business?

How much experience do they have in cleaning industry?

What do their online reviews say? (Did you know that Angie’s List is now free? You can now sign up and see any member company’s reviews.)

What is their expertise? In other words, what are they really good at?

Does what they do well fit with what you’re looking for?

What is their pricing structure? Is it by the room or by square foot?

Another common thing you’d probably want to know is how quick can the company come out? Can they come right away, or are they really busy and not available for next couple weeks?

Does the company move furniture?

What is their guarantee? Do they even have one?

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