How to Get Rid of Dust Mites

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How to Get Rid of Dust Mites

Our bodies are magnificent.

None of us stops and ponders that as often as we ought to.

They carry us through life…

Along with microscopic swarms of hair-follicle mites and dust mites, too.

So we never thought we’d come to believe that dust mites are kind of amazing.

But we discovered this terrific dust mite video and knew we had to share it with you. It’s a little long at about seven minutes, but the footage is great. Plus, the narrator provides a few giggles in between dust mite facts and figures.

No amount of information may raise your opinion of dust mites, but we think you’ll at least concede that they’re as intriguing as they are disgusting.

Do you ever wonder where on earth they came from?


What are dust mites?

Unsure that anyone knows, all we could find out for sure is they’ve been around for 23 million years.

Anything and anybody who can survive that long has our total respect.

As this highly informative video points out, dust mites are an essential part of our day because they turn our biological waste into their food.

Hmm, efficiency in action. Can’t live with ‘em, can’t…

Ninety percent of house dust is made up of dust mites plus an entire army of other creepy crawlers.

Humans shed 1,500,000 skin flakes each hour.

Guess that makes us sort of like their Pizza Ranch.

Deep down, though, we all know we’re pretty messy and can barely keep up with ourselves.

Even if we did, we’ll never run out of dust to manage. No one we can think of could ever dare say that they are “caught up” with their dusting.

Can you get rid of dust mites?

No way, so anybody who tells you that they can just doesn’t understand that…

So may be dust mites are more like friends than enemies.

And nobody wants to get rid of a friend who does so much for them, right?

Since they go everywhere we go, it seems we might do well to just appreciate them for what they are and keep a good attitude as we continue to control them as best we can through sweeping, vacuuming and cleaning carpet. Hot water extraction is best because the heat kills them, by the way. We’d feel bad saying that only if we didn’t know they will rise again.

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