Is There a Green Carpet Protector That Prevents Stains?

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Is There a Green Carpet Protector That Prevents Stains?

During the Holiday Season, it’s natural to be thinking of what you can do to get ready to entertain. Cleaning is a big part of the preparation for having guests in our homes.

Inevitably amid all the fun and festivities someone will spill something. If you’re really proactive, how to avoid that situation has probably already crossed your mind.

One of the most popular products we’ve been conditioned to turn to for help in preventing stains is ScotchGardR. Although it is a tried-and-true treatment to help avoid costly service calls and reduce the chance of permanent stains, did you know that there is also a green alternative?

Our green option is called EncapuGuard GreenR. While we almost never spray products like this on upholstery, we do occasionally have customers request that we apply it to their carpets to protect them longer after cleaning.

It’s specifically designed for carpet and doesn’t contain the fluoro-chemicals found in other products. Products containing fluoro-chemicals need to be applied in a very specific manner to be considered safe.

Many of these chemicals are already in our homes, used in items like in cookware, bakeware, diaper bags, umbrellas, and upholstery. While they certainly do make life a little easier, there is a cost. These chemicals also hang around in the human body for longer than we live, and this is a problem for some.

If allergies and other sensitivities in family members mean that the highest possible indoor air quality is the single most important consideration at all times, it may be that regular professional cleanings are the optimal solution for your needs. It just means that your carpet may need to be replaced a little sooner than if it were treated for stain protection.

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