The Dilly-Dallier’s Guide to Carpet Cleaning

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The Dilly-Dallier’s Guide to Carpet Cleaning

Have you been thinking about cleaning your carpet?

But struggling with the details of selecting a good carpet cleaning company online

And finding the perfect time to schedule the job?

We all buy new carpet with the best of intentions of keeping it up. But before too long, we’ve given up. Schedules get busier. We’re running more than ever. There’s never enough time. And we’re tired!


It’s not quite time to prepare for the Holiday Season, and we’d all honestly rather do other things…

With just a few short weeks left to enjoy summer, maybe we could squeeze in another quick vacation.

Talk about lack of inspiration for home work…

Like back in school, when I’d get a term paper. I’d dutifully note the date it was due and tuck the assignment overview worksheet into my notebook.

And go on my merry way.

After all, there was plenty of time before the paper was due.

Besides, I had other things to do.

Only to have it dawn on me at about T-minus five days that I no longer had four weeks to work on the paper. T­­­he deadline was looming, and my head was spinning.  I had to figure out how to knuckle down and just get the job done.

While it was hard, I would find myself beating myself up because I did it to myself. How easy it all could have been if I’d just gotten started a little sooner.

Like most people, I still like to wait as long as possible on lots of things I don’t really want to do.

And, I’ll just confess it right here…

I don’t always get my carpet cleaned on-schedule either. But then I find myself scrambling, wishing I’d done it sooner because we’ve known for weeks that company would be coming soon.

So should you wait as long as possible before cleaning your carpet?

Well sure, you can, but just like artfully avoiding getting that school term paper done, it’s not the best idea. It’s stressful.

There are always consequences. Parents aren’t watching your report cards anymore, but they seem to expect a dinner invitation occasionally.

Consequences move us when nothing else will, such as…

For one thing, dirt and soil build up and cut into your carpet every time you step on it. Vacuuming is not enough, even though it helps – especially on high-traffic areas that show wear sooner.

The truth is the longer you wait, the more you cut into the lifespan of your carpet. In some cases, you may risk voiding your carpet’s warranty, depending on the terms and conditions of the manufacturer.

Carpet warranties are a lot like term paper assignment sheets – easily tucked away and forgotten. We’d hate for you to find out the hard way that losing track of the warranty isn’t a good idea either, that’s why we’re going back to school on this.

Most carpet manufacturers recommend having carpet professionally cleaned every twelve to twenty four months. Naturally, they’d love to sell you more carpet someday, but they also want you to be happy that you made the purchase in the first place…

So, they do the right thing and encourage you to take the best possible care of it to make it last by complying with the terms and conditions in the warranty.

Another consequence of waiting too long to clean your carpet is that there is more than just dirt building up in uncleaned carpet. Every time you and your family members walk through the door, pollen, bacteria, feather particles, and chemicals come with them. Not only do those contaminants add to the dirt in the carpet once they settle down, but indoor air quality takes a hit, too.

Is it time to make the decision to get your carpet cleaned? Clean carpet is definitely a real confidence-booster when you have people over, regardless of what time of year it is. Here are the steps to take:

  • Decide on a cleaning method. Most carpet manufacturers recommend the truck-mount method of hot water extraction. We recommend it, too, because it is the safest method available and uses the least amount of harsh chemicals. It doesn’t leave residue.Another benefit of the truck-mount method of hot water extraction is that the water is kept at a consistently hot temperature, which makes it more effective at cleaning. This is terrific when there are allergy or asthma sufferers in the family.Because it’s a professional-grade method, the water can be extracted faster and more thoroughly, which means your carpet will dry faster. (It will still take four to eight hours depending on outdoor weather conditions.)
  • Choose a professional carpet cleaner to do the job. Here’s a tip sheet to walk you through making the best choice for you.
  • Request an in-home estimate, if at all possible. That way you can know exactly what to expect before the technicians arrive. This time, dedicated specifically to you, gives you the best opportunity to get all of your questions answered when a tech can see particular areas of concern.
  • Schedule the appointment, and pat yourself on the back for not letting this task hang over your head any longer.

If you have never worked with a professional carpet cleaner before, this tip sheet will help .

As with any industry, there are things to watch out for, like offers that are too good to be true. We’re here to answer any questions you may have, and we happily give estimates over the phone if you’re short on time.

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