Holiday & Winter Prep for The Home

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Thanksgiving is around the corner, followed closely by Christmas, which means your home will soon be full of holiday guests.  Thinking about winter so soon probably brings a chill to most homeowners.  As tempting as it is to panic that your house is hardly presentable, but also winter-proof inside and out, fear not, we’ve put together a list of ideas to get your home and grounds ready for even your mother-in-law’s approval.

Inside the Home

  • Change furnace filter and schedule for an annual inspection/tune-up
  • Have water heater inspected and check settings
  • Check for leaks and drips
  • Inspect chimneys, fireplaces and wood stoves as well as clean
  • Check windows and doors to make sure they are properly sealed

Outside the Home

  • Plant (& Transplant) – good time to over-seed and patch lawn; cool moist ground ideal for plants to get a head start for spring
  • Shrub control – prune shrubs for less damage to the plants during winter snows
  • Drain sprinkler systems – blow out so pipes don’t freeze; don’t forget spigots and drains
  • Clean gutters – clean when all leaves have fallen and before the snow falls – helps to prevent ice dams and ice damage

For Holiday Guests

  1. Bathroom
    1. Replace old towels – few new hand towels in bold shades to brighten the area
    2. Clear counter – only soap and hand cream with exception of simple décor items
      1. All other toiletries in small basket underneath sink
  2. Add greenery – if enough light, plants can brighten up a room
    1. Select pretty containers and add plants of choice
    2. Living Room
      1. De-clutter – anything lying about should be moved out of sight before guests arrive
      2. Add festive touches – seasonal touches don’t have to cost much
        1. Fill glass bowl with mini pumpkins or apples to display on mantel
        2. Lightly scented candles
  3. Spice up conversation – depends on type of guests
    1. Conversation cards can be a good way to break the ice – make  them or purchase them and leave on coffee or dining table
    2. Entry/Foyer
      1. Add Hooks – provides a place for guests to hang coats instead of heaping them somewhere
      2. Clear coat closet – always nice to have extra space for family’s coats
      3. Provide a basket for keys, hats and mittens
        1. Large basket at front door: good for cold weather items
        2. Small basket at front door: good for keys
        3. Ensure no one forgets or loses anything they arrived with