Are Your House and Pets Ready for Christmas?

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Are Your House and Pets Ready for Christmas?

Christmas time can be overwhelming. You’ve got a plan for gifts, meals, and decorations. Did you remember to create one for your pets? They enjoy happy, safe holidays, too.

Here are a few chaos-busting pet-planning tips to get you through the big days:

  • Healthy Treats – Our furry friends love to eat just as much as we do during this time. Unfortunately, not all the food we’d love to share with them is good for their digestive system. Now is a good time to coach family members on what is and isn’t a good idea to share. You may want to prepare snacks for guests and your family members to share that won’t upset the apple cart, so to speak.
  • Pet Odors – Unsightly pet stains are embarrassing enough, but unexpected odors can just about put us over the top during the holidays when stress is higher because of all of the busy-ness involved with preparing for and entertaining guests. Make a schedule for cleaning litter boxes and making sure that dogs get outside on a regular basis. We recommend against flushing cat litter, despite what the packaging promises. Call us cautious if you like! If it’s too late to call for professional carpet or upholstery cleaning, pull out the scented candles. Nobody will be suspicious this time of year.
  • Safe Haven – Prepare a special area in your home where you can take your pets for a time out. Their nerves can get frazzled, too. They’ll appreciate having their favorite toys and familiar bedding. You’ll appreciate the added peace this can add to everyone’s day knowing that they are safe and sound, contained in one place.

The above will help you relax and enjoy as much as possible. Be sure to plan for your own self-care, too.

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