How Can You Get Rid Of Mold?

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How Can You Get Rid Of Mold?

Mold is a type of fungus that needs moisture to grow. It can appear as black, white, green, or orange, looks like spots on walls and windows, and typically comes after the presence of water. The most likely places you’ll find mold are in bathrooms and kitchens because they tend to be humid. However, it can also appear on surfaces like carpets and clothing.

Effects Of Mold.

Mold can cause health problems in humans if it is present in large enough quantities. Symptoms of mold exposure include things like nasal congestion, eye irritation, coughs, headaches, and fatigue. People with allergies are more likely to experience these symptoms when exposed to mold. It may also contribute to mental conditions such as depression and anxiety when present in excessive amounts.

Can You Get Rid Of Mold Yourself?

Although most people might want to remove growing mold by themselves, we strongly recommend that you don’t. Experts discourage DIY mold removal because without the proper expertise, you can cause further damage to your health by allowing the mold spores to contaminate other areas of your home. 

Additionally, all mold spores are small enough that you wouldn’t be able to see them without a microscope. Thus, if you’re cleaning what you can see, just imagine what you’re stirring up that you can’t. Therefore, it is always advisable to hire a certified professional to help you remove mold from your home.

How We Handle Mold Remediation.

At Green Clean, we offer professional mold removal services to all our clients. We ensure that no spores are left behind and that the air in your house is clean of any contaminants. We also follow a professional process of mold removal that includes the following steps.

  • Mold testing. This is a testing process carried out by a third party vendor to inform and provide data to you and our assigned team. It allows us to understand the mold type, the best means of removal and helps us determine the exact cost of the process. Plus, you know you’re only paying for remediation services that are absolutely necessary.
  • Contain the area. Once we have established the places in your home that have mold, the next step is to contain the area. This step prevents mold spores from contaminating other parts of your home during removal. Afterward, our team will subject the contained areas to negative air pressure to clean the air as the removal process begins.
  • Structural removal. The removal process begins here. How we remove the mold varies in every situation because it depends on how much mold there is, where it resides, and the type of mold present. Therefore, our team may remove the paneling, drywall, woodwork, flooring, and carpets.
  • Mold retesting. Upon completing the removal process, we work with another 3rd party vendor to retest the home to ensure that your home has no more mold in it and that it is safe.
  • Rebuilding. Once confirmed that mold is no longer present, our team will provide an estimate to restore and rebuild the areas taken apart in the structural removal process, making your home healthy and new again. 

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What To Look For When Choosing A Removal Company

If you’re trying to determine with mold remediation company, make sure you ask the following questions, or stay away from the following promises. 

Are They Certified?

If someone says that they are certified, ask whether they are IICRC S520 certified. IICRC S520 is a certification standard that every professional mold remover must have. Some of the elements in the certification include;

  • Mold remediation principals
  • Equipment, materials, and tools
  • Material Science and building
  • Remediator Qualifications
  • Health and safety etc.

You Can Spray These Chemicals On It To Remove The Mold. 

If you notice any company that wants to spray something on the problem and call it fixed, or is asking you to do so, avoid them. Always remember that mold remediation requires cautious steps in the right direction to ensure that it is removed appropriately. Therefore, such a company will just put you in an impossible position and endanger your home.

In closing, it’s important to remember that painting over mold is never a good idea, and that when you see mold in your home, it’s likely much worse than what you’re visibly seeing. 

So, to answer the question, how can you get rid of mold? The answer is this: if you find mold in your home, please call a mold remediation company like Green Clean to ensure you’re not putting yourself unnecessarily in danger.