How Carpet Cleaning is Bringing Sexy Back

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How Carpet Cleaning is Bringing Sexy Back

Ahh… that new carpet look and smell.

Remember the twinkle in your eye as it was being installed?

You smiled every time you saw it for the first week.

So, is the honeymoon still going strong?

Or is it time to renew vows?

Here’s what I mean by that…

Buying new carpet was a substantial commitment.

Emotions were all over the place.

You searched for the perfect match…

High and low, near and far…

At last you found the one you loved.

You knew that you knew, deep in your heart…

This carpeting was it, the only possible choice.

But like any relationship, your carpet needs routine maintenance.

Life rarely slows down. You still need to make time for each other.

It’s never easy.

But it’s the right thing to do.

Remember back when you first met your life partner?

There was attraction on so many levels. Various qualities like thoughtfulness, appearance, spontaneity, and energy all played into it.

Your love was fun to be around.

But over time, the dust started to settle. Daily stressors exacted their toll.

You quit paying such close attention to each other. Things slowly changed.

The qualities that first attracted you to your partner started to fade, and the thrill of spending time together wasn’t quite what it used to be. The decline was gradual and subtle.

And while it doesn’t bother you much at all because you’re comfortable, you miss feeling energized when you look into each other’s eyes.

Well, the same thing could happen with your carpeting.

Let me explain.

As it was being installed, you imagined the hours of fun and comfort you’d experience, sitting on the floor playing with children and pets.

And you loved how beautiful your clean carpet looked.

Just the sight of it tempted you to fall down and roll around on it because it looked and smelled and felt so GOOD.

It infused your soul with energy.

But now, after a couple years of daily wear and tear, you’re noticing soil and stains.

The sexy has gone missing.

You can get it back!

Carpet cleaning, especially the hot water extraction method, is bringing the sexy back to carpet.

As the safest and most effective carpet cleaning method available, hot water extraction restores healthy environments naturally.

Not only that, but it will:

  • Revive that irresistible desire to play on the carpet with your children, pets, and even each other.
  • Put the twinkle back in your eyes because you won’t be able to take your eyes off how gorgeous it is, and how nice it cleans up.
  • Urge you to hug someone… Just because clean carpet makes you feel so good inside and out.
  • Restore a sense of inspiration because it looks and smells fresh and clean.
  • Infuse you with more energy than you may remember having in a while.

You’ll start thinking, “Wow! Waking up each day to fresh clean carpet makes me want to be more, do more, have more!”

Then you’ll recall all the friends and relatives you haven’t seen in forever.

Invite them over.

Independence Day is coming soon. It’s the perfect time to barbecue!

Holding an awesome party will seem like fun again now that the house is back up to your high standards of excellence.

You purpose to call everyone and invite them over…


First, you want to spend quality time with your loved one.

To maintain a strong relationship.

You may just sit on the couch, watching your favorite show together.

Remembering  why you fell in love in the first place.

You are so comfortable just being together.

A little bit like when your carpet’s fresh and clean and you want to stay close to it.

Now that’s sexy…


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