How To Avoid Water Damage - Shut Off's

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Many water damage situations can be kept to a minimum just by turning off water supply valves quickly.

Every person in the home should know where all of the shut offs are located and how to use them.

The Main water shutoff for the home is usually located next to the water meter in the basement.  There is typically a main shut off valve on each side of the meter.  Always turn off the one before the meter, this is because your municipality is usually responsible for everything up to the meter and the homeowner is responsible for everything after the meter.  These are seldom turned on and off and often do not seat properly after a period of time, so don’t turn the one that you would have to pay to repair if it fails.

Each sink usually has a hot and cold water shut off in the cabinet under the sink.  These only turn the water off to each appliance.  Turn these valves off and on annually to keep the seat inside the valve sealing properly.

Each toilet has its own shut off behind the toilet.  Also turn these off and on annually.  Toilet overflows are very common, and can be more costly to clean up than clear water.  If water is overflowing from the tank (not the bowl) simply reach in and lift up the “flapper” and the water will go down quickly, then you can turn off the valve. 

Tubs and showers are typically hard plumbed and do not have separate shut off valves.

We hope these simple tips will avoid you needing our water damage restoration services, however we are here 24/7 if you do.  763-789-9600