How To Avoid Water Damage - Washing Machines

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Some of the most costly water damage repairs are very simple to avoid.  One that we see very often is a burst clothes washing machine hose.

Most clothes washing machines have rubber hoses that connect  the water supply line to the machine.  It is very common for these hoses to develop a “bubble” and eventually burst, causing thousands of dollars of damage to the home.  Just think if this happened while you were out of town.

Replace rubber hoses with steel lined burst proof hoses that can be purchased at any home improvement store, or at a minimum regularly inspect the rubber ones for signs of cracks or bubbles indicating an eventual burst.

Also turn the supply line valves off and on at least once a year.  Since they are left on all the time the seats inside the valve will eventually not seal properly, causing a problem when you need to replace the machine or hoses. 

We hope these simple tips will avoid you needing our water damage restoration services, however we are here 24/7 if you do.  763-789-9600