How to Clean Cat Vomit from Carpets

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We all love and cherish our pets, but it becomes inevitable to cat owners at some point your cat will spew vomit on your carpets, whether it is a hairball or a mixture of food. For some reason, cats have determined the best place to do this is in fact on your carpets rather than the easy-to-clean kitchen tile. When this occurs, it is crucial to attend to the area immediately in order to prevent further staining. Steps can be easily taken to control staining from cat vomit. Assuming the mess your cat has spewed is fresh, use material such as a paper towel or a piece of cardboard to remove as much vomit as possible without further rubbing the mess into the carpet. After removing the excess vomit, saturate the area with salt and lay a damp, light-colored towel over the salt, allowing the salt and moisture to bring the stain to the surface. After approximately two hours, remove the towel and vacuum the salty residue which should have absorbed the stain. If the stain remains, resort to commercial products; it is best to test a product to make sure it will not bleach your carpet. Pour or spray the product on the area and blot the remaining residue with a light-colored towel. Refrain from rubbing the carpet as this could help the stain set in the carpet fibers. Repeat with pressure until the towels no longer turn color.

If cat vomit has stained your carpet and you were unable to successfully remove the stain, call the carpet cleaning specialists at Green Clean to professionally care for your carpets. (763)789-9600