How to Keep the Kids + Fido Safe on Halloween

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How to Keep the Kids + Fido Safe on Halloween

Halloween is a lot of fun + a lot of work when you are a busy working mom. Trick-or-treating is too much fun to miss out on, though.

You’ve taken care of the costumes.
Bought the candy.
Found right-sized treat bags.
Planned dinner.
Got ahead on laundry… hmm

Health + safety is always on your mind, but with so many other things to be mindful of on this holiday, here’s a quick refresher. We’ve pulled together a few favorite articles that are entertaining and useful.

Tips for Kids and Pets

If you don’t have much time at all, read this one.

Keep an Eye on the Dog

Avoid Those Traffic Hazards

Remove Chocolate Stains from Carpet

Here is a well-done video on removing dried chocolate stains from carpet.  We like this because she points out the pros and cons of using laundry detergent on your carpet. (When it’s not completely removed, it leaves residue. Residue attracts dirt.)

Refresh Yourself Like a Pro

Keep yourself genuinely excited to do this again next year by rewarding yourself. Schedule an hour to indulge in your favorite guilty pleasure. Novel + Glass of wine? Bubble bath + Ben & Jerry’s? You earned it!

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