How to Spruce Up Your House This Spring

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How to Spruce Up Your House This Spring

Nothing creates a better mood than a clean house. We thought you’d enjoy this article from House Beautiful  sharing house cleaning tips including:

  • Caring for:
    – stainless steel
    – wood floors
    – area rugs
    – tiles
  • Organizing closets
  • Removing:
    – stains and odors from carpet and mattresses
    – stains from countertops
  • Cleaning:
    – painted walls
    – carpet and upholstery

House Beautiful did a great job with this article. The only thing we might add under Cleaning is removing dust from air ducts.

We’re here to help with cleaning area rugs and carpet or removing stains and odors. We’re here to serve. We can also refer you to a reputable heating and air conditioning company.