Keeping the Bed Bugs Away: The Importance of Mattress Sanitizing

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Keeping the Bed Bugs Away: The Importance of Mattress Sanitizing

You spend a lot of time in your home and even more time in bed. That is not saying you are lazy, it is saying that you are generally sleeping at least 5 hours a night 7 nights a week. That is a full-time job’s worth of time that you spend in your bed! And while you wash your sheets, pillowcases, and blankets regularly, you are missing one key factor: the mattress. It is essential to sanitize your mattress on a regular basis to keep you healthy and your bed clean.

The Recommended Schedule

The good news is that sanitation of your mattress only needs to occur once a year, however, if you spend a bit more time in your bed or have several pets or small children, twice a year would be ok. In the meantime, between professional cleanings, make sure you are washing your sheets and blankets at least once a week in hot water and vacuuming and dusting your bed weekly, at the very minimum. If you bring stuffed animals into the bed, it is recommended to wash them at least once a month to keep them from bringing other issues into the bed.

The Benefits of the Deep Clean

There are numerous benefits to sanitizing your mattress. First, this allows for your mattress to have a longer life, since it is clean and receiving proper upkeep. However, the health benefits are the real reason to properly clean your mattress every year. Dust mites love to live in beds and mattresses. Providing a deep clean to your mattress will help eliminate this problem, keeping your family from the bed bugs biting at night. In addition, cleaning your mattress will remove surface dirt that regular vacuuming and dusting will not remove. This surface dirt can cause additional problems, including being a breeding ground for bugs of all types.

A clean mattress has other health benefits as well, such as making sure your home’s air quality remains healthy. The more dirt in your home from any source, the lower your home’s air quality will be. This can then cause allergy sufferers and asthmatics serious problems in their own home. To avoid any type of breathing issues, it is essential to keep your home clean, overall, as well as keep your mattress clean and on a proper sanitizing schedule.

Finally, when your home, mattress, sheets, and room are clean, you will sleep better at night. The reason for this phenomenon is part psychological and part environmental. The psychological reasoning is that you will have the feeling of being clean, which eliminates fears of what can bite you or get you in your sleep. Physically, a clean room and mattress means, as stated above, better air quality. Better air quality means better sleep overall.

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