Why You Should Never Ignore an Ice Dam

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Why You Should Never Ignore an Ice Dam

You may not have noticed the formation of an ice dam on your roof, but the discolored or leaky ceiling is hard to ignore.

Ice dams are the usual suspects to blame this time of year. They can make your roof leak.

Potential Dangers of Ice Dams

Wherever you find a lot of snow and warming temperatures, you are likely to find ice dams forming on homes where attics are not properly insulated.

If you’re unsure what ice dams are, this is not an area where ignorance is bliss. It could be a costly oversight as they can cause:

  • Roofs to leak,
  • Shingles to be pushed up and ruined,
  • Insulation and sheet rock to turn to mold, and
  • Wiring to become faulty.

Since the dams don’t always form only on the edge of the roof, you may not be able to spot them from the street, especially if you leave for and return from work when it’s dark outside.

Protect Your Home from Damage

Procrastinating in removing an ice dam is a bad idea. You must move fast the moment you notice one on your roof.

Acting quickly is also required if you see parallel lines of moisture on your ceiling called “shadow lines.”

Drying out and repairing ceilings and walls affected by water damage quickly is important for your family’s health and safety.

  • Fire risk increases due to the possibility of faulty wiring.
  • Future mold formation is also highly probable.

If you have spotted shadow lines or other troubling signs, be sure to also check in the attic for additional damage. You can do this yourself if you like. If you call us, we’ll gladly tell you what to look for. We can also explain how to find a reputable ice dam removal specialist.

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