The Truth on How to Remove Pet Odors from Carpet

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The Truth on How to Remove Pet Odors from Carpet


Is your dog or cat a bad roommate? Plenty of them are, although not intentionally. During the spring and summer, we always receive a lot of calls regarding pet odors and accidents on carpet.

Since we love our pets dearly, we put up with those times during puppyhood, illness, and old age when it seems like every time you turn around pee, poop, or even worse happens. Sometimes it gets to the point where you feel like tearing your hair out.

When urine comes into contact with carpet, it provides an ideal breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria.  As temperatures and humidity increase, these odors and bacteria become more prevalent.

There are many over-the-counter solutions that claim to remove pet stains and odors. Nature’s Miracle is one of the most common products we see used in people’s homes. It’s probably the best over-the-counter product, but there really are not many good ones that really work.

The truth is that products like these are typically not very effective in removing the odors for the long-term, especially when multiple accidents have occurred. The biggest issue is that carpet construction is just not designed for pet accidents, and removing them is very difficult.

In fact, there are no miraculous cleaning agents or potions to completely eliminate pet stains or odors under all circumstances. Instead, it’s best to use a combination of procedures to achieve effective results and this is best prescribed by an IICRC Certified Odor Control Technician. This is one of those times when we may recommend the use of chemicals, even though it goes against our grain.

Enzymes are the greenest approach to odor removal, but the best alternatives are heavily scented germicides. There is one product called Odorcide that is fairly green and works really well. It is our go-to product and leaves a heavy floral scent.

Some of the products that can be used are:

  • Acid solutions used to break down alkaline salts,
  • Rinsing agents used to rinse and neutralize the acid residue,
  • Bio/Enzyme digesters,
  • Quaternary agents, and
  • Odorcides, or
  • Biocides.

Another product we see a lot in homes is Outright. It is an enzyme-based product and, despite the good reviews on Amazon, I am not impressed, and I’ve been in the business for nearly 20 years. It appears that this product has either been sold or rebranded itself to PureAyre. There are many new products out there, and a lot of them are gimmicks.

You can determine the location of contaminated areas fairly easily by teaming up your eyes, nose, and a UV light. In reality, though, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to completely remove odors and bacteria from carpet and padding because these materials are porous and there is no way to guarantee that all of the urine contamination will be removed.

Carpet Cleaning procedures may include:

  • Use of a large syringe or a Water Claw.
  • Removal and replacement of carpet pad.
  • Treatment and sealing or removal of flooring and sometimes wall materials and, in some cases,
  • Complete carpet replacement is recommended.

Green Clean Carpet Care and Restoration is always happy to provide free phone consultations and in-home assessments to help determine the best course of action for your pet odor removal needs.