Pet Odors & Stains: Accidents Happen – How to Clean Up

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You know how it goes: the minute you turn your back, your pet decides that your new carpet’s the perfect place to relieve themselves and/or leave you unwelcome presents.  You clean and clean, but can’t get rid of that smell.  What can you do?

  • Find which areas are soiled and re-train your pet to avoid eliminating in those areas – to do that, you must thoroughly clean those areas.
    • Use your nose and eyes to find soiled areas – use a black light (shows old urine spots) with all the lights off and check carpets and walls for splattered soiled areas and lightly outline in chalk
    • Visit a veterinarian to make sure there are no medical reasons for the behavior
    • New Stains
      • Soak up as much as possible, rinse the area with clean cool water and blot to remove the water
      • Set Stains
        • Carpet stain remover – watch out for products with optical brighteners, petrochemicals and VOCs
        • Odor neutralizer such as Nature’s Miracle or Melaleuca products

If you are still having trouble lifting stains and/or ridding the odor still lingering behind, Call Green Clean at 763.789.9600 to assist with our carpet cleaning services or our pet remediation processes.