Minneapolis Odor Control and Removal

Minneapolis Odor Control and Removal


Environmentally Safe Odor Control and Removal in Minnesota

The Preferred Odor Control and Removal Team in Minneapolis

There are many odors that are hard to remove. Wet dog, cigarette smoke, and mildew are just a few examples. So, what can you do to control and remove these odors? Green Clean will not only get rid of the smell, our team will ensure that what’s causing the odor isn’t harming your healthy environment.

How We Approach Odor Control and Removal

The successful elimination of odors in carpeting and upholstery requires a multi-step process. At Green Clean, we offer a two-step process:

  • Identify the odor. Identification of the odor is more than just finding where the smell is coming from. It’s also about assessing the appropriate response to removing it. Pet, food and mold odors each require a different approach.
  • Bring it to justice. Remember, not all superheroes wear capes. Using an arsenal of specialized cleaning agents, our cleaning specialists thoroughly clean, sanitize, and deodorize your carpet and upholstery.

Once the odor is removed your home or business will look clean, smell fresh, and you can be confident your property is safe.

The Appropriate Approach

Odors vary in nature, but we find these are three common odors that are typical to homes and businesses:

  • Pet odor. Many pet odors can be treated and eliminated by a thorough professional cleaning. In some situations, when pet odors have damaged carpeting, baseboards, or walls, or have permeated the flooring beneath the carpeting, additional services (removal) may be necessary.
  • Food or cigarette smoke odor. The smell of food or smoke from long-term exposure to cigarette, cigar, or pipe smoking, or a fire can permeate everything in a home or business. This includes ceilings, walls, cabinetry, carpets and furniture. Our team can remove food and smoke odors from your home or business by cleaning and deodorizing, and by using specialized fogging, ozone-generating machines, and hydroxyl and vapor shark technology.
  • Mold odor. Musty odors are often found in damp basements or in areas affected by water intrusion due to leaky or broken pipes, or by the presence of high radon levels. If left untreated, the presence of these conditions may lead to mold growth and potentially serious health problems. Our odor control and removal professionals are trained in the process of mold identification, containment and removal. As a licensed, full-service contractor, Green Clean can repair and restore your home or business —restoring a healthy environment and ensuring the mold and mildew will not return in the future.

Why Choose Green Clean for Your Odor Control and Removal Needs

  • Celebrating over 25 years in business
  • Environmentally friendly products and processes
  • Tested and safe cleaning solutions for use around families (and environment)
  • A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • IICRC-Certified (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification)
  • In-home written estimates
  • 24 hour emergency residential and commercial flood services

Speak to a Certified Professional

Green Clean offers quality, eco-friendly odor control and removal solutions in Minnesota throughout the Twin Cities area. We offer free phone consultations for residential and commercial customers. Contact us now for an estimate, to schedule an appointment, or to know more about our eco-friendly cleaning agents and processes.