Smoke Damage to Your Electronics

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Smoke Damage to Your Electronics

Being the victim of a home fire is devastating as it is. However, while the immediate whirlwind is enough to send anyone into panic mode, what happens when the smoke metaphorically clears and you are left with the remnants of your home that may or may not have been affected by the fire. The truth is, no matter how big or small the fire was and how many rooms the fire actually damaged, the smoke damage may be more of an issue throughout your entire home. One of the most common issues that is often forgotten is smoke damage to electronics.

How Smoke Can be an Electrical Issue

The issue with smoke is it easily gets into the smallest crevasses. Since smoke travels further than the actual flames of the fire and is always seen first, it has reached your electronics in rooms of the home that have been left untouched by flames. Once the smoke reaches your electronics, it causes them to overheat, which causes not only electronic failure, but the potential for the electronics to create another fire.

How to Use Your Electronics After a Fire

If you have had a fire in your home, do not use your electronics at any point after the fire. If you have any area of your home that you can guarantee did not come in contact with the smoke in any way, shape, or form, the electronics in that room may be safe for use. However, the best practice is to have every piece of electronic equipment checked thoroughly for smoke damage prior to turning it on again. Electronics include anything from kitchen appliances to cell phones, to computers, iPads, iPods, and televisions, and anything else that either plugs into the wall or is battery powered. In today’s home, that is eighty-five percent of your home’s belongings.

In order to utilize your electronics again, they need to be cleaned from the inside out. Some items, especially the items in the area of the home where the fire occurred or those items in rooms in which there was fire and smoke, full restoration may need to occur. Items such as a computer contain a hard drive. While the computer, itself, may not be able to be restored, the goal is to restore the hard drive to capture the data saved to the computer prior to the fire. This can be done by a trained professional who can clean the hard drive and then extract the data. Other electronics may simply need a thorough cleaning to become usable. Either way, this type of project that should always be handled by a professional who knows the proper way to restore any electronic without causing a complete meltdown or another fire. If you are in need of a professional restoration service that can restore your electronics after a fire in your home, contact the experts at Green Clean Restoration & Cleaning Services at 763.789.9600. Their team of experts will help work ease your anxiety and work with your insurance company to get your home back to its pre-fire glory.