Spring Carpet Cleaning and Removing Pet Odors

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Spring in Minnesota is always a common time for Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning. In spring and summer we always receive a lot of calls regarding pet odors and accidents on Carpet. When urine comes into contact with carpet it provides the perfect breeding ground for odor causing bacteria.    As temperatures and humidity increase it causes odors and bacteria to become more prevalent. There are many products available over the counter that claim to remove pet stains and odors. Outright and Natures Miracle are two of the common products we see used in peoples homes. These products are typically not very effective in removing the odors for the long term especially when multiple accidents have occurred. Items such as your eyes, nose and UV light can also be used to help aid in determining the location of contaminated areas.  In reality it is very difficult if not impossible to completely remove odors and bacteria from carpet and padding because these materials are porous and there is no way to guarantee that all of the urine contamination will be removed. In fact there are no miraculous cleaning agents or potions to completely eliminate pet stains or odors under all circumstances. Instead it is best to use a combination of procedures to achieve effective results and this is best prescribed by an IICRC Certified Odor Control Technician. Some of the products that can be used are Acid solutions used to break down alkaline salts, rinsing agents used to rinse and neutralize the acid residue, Bio/Enzyme digesters, quaternary agents and odorcides or biocides. Carpet Cleaning procedures may include use of a large syringe or a Water Claw. Removal and replacement of carpet pad. Treatment and sealing or removal of flooring and sometimes wall materials and in some cases complete carpet replacement is recommended. Green Clean Carpet Care is always happy to provide free phone consultations and in home assessments to help determine the best course of action. Learn more about Green Clean by calling 763-789-9600 or see us on the web at www.greencleancare.com.