The Season of Allergens - Spring!

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Sun is out until dinner time.  The tulips and flowing trees are blooming.  Your windows and doors are open allowing a fresh breeze into your home.  The grass is green on your side of the fence.  Your nose is running.  You are sneezing.  Your eyes are watery and itchy.  Which of these aspects of spring are least enjoyable?

Seasonal allergies often stimulated by pollens and outside dust can also include dust mites, pet dander and molds.  In Minnesota, four months of a closed home can create a multitude of bacteria, dust and dander to lay dormant in your carpet;  once the windows and doors open to let in the spring breeze and the humidity, the dormant allergens “spring” to life, causing the itchy, watery eyes, and runny, sneezing nose.

Although often a grueling chore, spring cleaning is essential in getting the home ready for the new season ahead.  We routinely wash windows and screens, replace cool weather clothing for warm weather clothing, flip mattresses and go on a mad dusting spree.  We check our furnaces and air conditioning units to see if we need to replace or clean the filters.  But how often do we think to clean our carpets, our air vents and ducts?  Carpets and ducts can hold a considerable amount of allergens and should be a part of the annual spring cleaning.