These 5 incredibly easy to make mistakes are the cause of many home fires.

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These 5 incredibly easy to make mistakes are the cause of many home fires.

National fire prevention week is this month (October 4th through the 10th to be exact). 

With this event taking place, it got us thinking about the fire damage we’ve seen. 

Specifically, the types of damage that were 100% preventable. 

So, we wanted to take a moment to remind you that as we head into Winter, spending more time inside our homes, it’s important to be extra careful about preventing fires. These 5 incredibly easy to make mistakes are the cause of many home fires. 

By simply reading this blog, you may just prevent a fire in your home. 

Stuff left on the stove top.   

While this lesson seems incredibly simple, let’s take it one step further. The obvious lesson is to watch your stove when you’re cooking something. By stepping away, even for a second, items can begin to burn. The less obvious lesson is to make sure you don’t leave items on the stove top, ever. Whether it’s your kids or pets, or maybe even you, some burners can get turned on unintentionally. So, by making a rule that you never leave anything on the stove top, you can prevent accidental fires from happening in your home. 

Portable heaters used improperly.  

We’ve seen this cause fires and smoke damage before. Homeowners leave portable heaters unattended (on while you’re not home), located too close to bedding or curtains, or with other items draped over them. Each of these situations, while easy to avert, continue to be common reasons for home fires, and we wanted to draw attention to it because portable heaters are actually the second largest cause of home fires.

Smoking inside, especially in the bedroom. 

Another common mistake that causes fire damage is smoking inside the home. In many cases, cigarettes aren’t put out properly, and are allowed to smolder, which can lead to a flame. While this is dangerous anywhere in the home, it’s especially dangerous in the bedroom (near bedding, curtains, clothes, etc.). This becomes even more staggering, when you realize that 73% of house fire fatalities are started in the bedroom or lounge. So, don’t smoke inside your home, especially in your bedroom. 

Too many lit candles.  

The reality is that a candle really is a little fire within your home. And while these are commonly used to create a special aroma and atmosphere within your home, they can be dangerous as well. A quick tip to help you use candles with caution is to limit the number you light at one time (we recommend 3 or under). By doing this, you’ll be sure you properly extinguished each candle when you’re done with them.

Letting the lint build up.  

A mistake that is far too common is homeowners not properly cleaning their lint filters or dryer vents. As more and more lint collects, coupled with the heat from the dryer, a flammable situation becomes even more likely. So, clean out your lint filters after each load of laundry, and have your dryer vent cleaned annually to make sure there isn’t lint buildup occurring. One way to know if your dryer vent is getting full is if your dryer seems to be taking longer to dry your clothes. Additionally, you can always disconnect your dryer vent behind your dryer and vacuum up any built up lint that may be present. 

Our hope is that by understanding the common mistakes homeowners make, you’ll be prepared to prevent your home and family from causing any fires. 

If you do experience a fire this year, no matter how small, please be sure to give our team a call right away. It literally takes seconds for smoke to travel throughout a home, and if not properly cleaned, that smoke can contaminate the air you breathe and become embedded within your air ducts, walls, ceiling and much more. 

Please take fire prevention seriously. In many cases, it’s preventable. 

-Green Clean Team