Tips for Pet Odors

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The summer is upon us finally.  With the added heat and humidity we have been receiving many calls on pet odors in carpets and flooring.  Educating our customers is very important to us.  Here are some of the ideas and procedures that we recommend.

The first steps should always be the preventive steps.  Here are a few preventive steps to follow.

1)     Make the area as unavailable or unattractive as possible.

2)     Make the area where they should go more attractive.

3)     Research potty training techniques or even retrain your pet.

4)     Support your pet in a positive manner as you train.

Steps to follow if you have staining or odors.

 1)   Always remember to saturate the area through the carpet fibers, through the carpet padding and into the sub flooring.

2)   Always use an enzyme based product for best results.

3)   Mix proper ratios of product and water, treating the area at least 2-3 times.

4) Do not use vinegar and baking soda.  These will change the    PH balance of the stain.

5) When all else fails, call a professional like Green Clean.