Tips to avoid a bad Carpet Cleaning Experience

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Here are few things that might indicate you are setting yourself up for a “bad carpet cleaning experience” . Low price is a common indicator that you might not get the best cleaning, low price almost always means “high pressure add on” or hastily performed service. Huge promises some companies will promise the world over the phone leaving the customer with expectations that even the best carpet cleaners can’t provide. Never had a complaint, if a company tells you they have never had a complaint it’s just simply not true every service company has complaints or issues at some point, it’s how they handle them that makes the difference, if a service person tells you they have never had a complaint their probably not telling the truth.  Bragging about how many carpets they cleaned last week, watch out for this one. This is a clear indicator that the cleaner does not have your best interest in mind. Just because someone cleans a lot of carpets does not mean they do a good job. A good Carpet Cleaning company doesn’t have to do any of these things because they have a good reputation and they know that their quality and demeanor will speak for itself. So the next time you have Mr. Gods gift to Carpet Cleaning in your home you might want to just send him on his way and pick a company like Green Clean Carpet.Care.Restoration. 763-789-9600 or another reputable cleaning company that has your best interest in mind.