Water Damage in Basements from Water Seepage

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Getting Relief From Water Damage in Your Basements

In spring Water Damage Restoration Companies like Green Clean Restoration receive several calls regarding wet or flooded basements from water seepage. Excessive moisture in the ground from melting snow, long periods of rain or heavy downpours can cause the water to leak through cracks in the foundation. Things like clogged rain gutters or detached downspouts can contribute to this problem. Repeated freezing and thawing can also cause cracks to propagate in the foundation. It’s a good idea to contact a Contractor that specializes in correcting these types of water issues.

 Materials such as Carpet, Vynil, drywall, insulation, concrete and wood structural materials that have been affected by water should be tested for moisture content by a Certified Water Damage Restoration Technician. Restoration companies like Green Clean Restoration know the proper mitigation procedures to help eliminate problems caused by water intrusion.

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