Keep Your Basement and Crawl Space Dry with Sump Pumps

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Keep Your Basement and Crawl Space Dry with Sump Pumps

As the last of the snow melts away, remember that the ground is still thawing. Water has few choices about where to go. It chooses the easiest route, which is downward into cracks and fissures in your home’s foundation.

Wet basements and crawl spaces are common this time of year, and sump pumps can help. Rather than tell you all we know about them, here are a couple of great reads. They tell you everything you could ever want to know about how sump pumps work and what to do if they stop working.

This is timely info since rain is in the Minneapolis weather forecast over the next ten days, starting today.

Check out the informative illustration on page two of this article to learn how a centrifugal sump pump works.

This comprehensive resource covers the most frequently asked questions about sump pump installation and operation, covering issues such as frozen pipes, sump pump pits, sump pump failure and checking for cracks.

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