Water Damage Restoration MN Work and Mold Testing

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Water Damage Restoration MN Work and Mold Testing

The Minnesota Department of Health has got it all wrong when they recommend against mold testing prior to beginning water damage restoration MN work.

Don’t get us wrong here, though. We are not saying they are the bad guy here. We believe that they are saying this because they “have had it up to here” with unscrupulous vendors just as much as we have, too.

When you’re spending money to remove mold spores and, possibly, mold, too, as a results of water damage, you want the restoration work done correctly.

This is exactly why – in most cases – we would recommend mold testing as the first step of a mold remediation project. We need the data required to write a proper estimate for removal because…

We are looking for the answer to the question, “Which came first, the mold or the spore?” in order to ensure that our customers are spending their money to remove spores correctly.

Mold Testing and Validation Work in Tandem in Mold Remediation

It’s exactly like the old chicken-versus-the-egg dilemma. Water damage restoration MN is a complex topic, so we’re not going to try to tackle this all in one blog post. For right now, this is what matters:

  • You need to perform the mold test to help you dig out the truth about where the mold may be.
  • Then you need to dig out that truth to validate the test results.
  • The mold test results and the truth you dig out work in tandem.

Talented Mold Testers are Critical in Mold Remediation

Most important to all of the above and also toughest part about all of this is that you need a highly skilled mold tester.

Testing for mold should normally be the first thing that is done because you can then get a clear picture of how bad the mold is in the air.

Only after you’ve determined the condition of the air in an area can you know whether you just need to contain what you can see and remove it or clean absolutely everything in that space

You then need to understand whether the spore count is at the level it is just in one room, because it can go into other areas including duct work.

The point of testing first is to find out if we need to remove simply what we can see. We need mold test results to guide us as to whether further cleaning of the air and structures behind the obvious damage is required. Only in this way can help minimize or eliminate problems you may have with asthma and allergies.

Please give us a call if you would like to discuss further. We’re here to help.

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