What Never to Do with a Kitchen Grease Fire

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What Never to Do with a Kitchen Grease Fire

There’s probably nothing scarier than a kitchen grease fire. According to the Minnesota State Fire Marshall’s Report 2013,  one of the most common causes of fatal fires is careless cooking.

It takes mere seconds when burning oil splatters for other fires to start spreading. Forty percent of all house fires in the U.S. and 36 percent of fire-related injuries are caused by kitchen fires.

First of all, turn off the source of heat – if you can do so safely.

The quickest way to put out a kitchen grease fire is to put a metal lid over the pot or pan. This works well because it cuts off the fire’s source of oxygen.

Baking soda works well too but you need an awful lot of it to be effective. Plus it must be easily accessible. You may have not time to get to it.

The one you thing you never, Never, NEVER want to do is attempt to put out a kitchen grease fire with water. It will spread.

Flames and the speed at which fire can spread can be intimidating, so it’s a smart move to mount a fire extinguisher near the stove.

The only thing smarter than that is to invest the time to learn how to use a fire extinguisher before you need it and every second is critical.

Sit down with your family on a regular basis and discuss what to do in emergencies. It is especially important that your children be involved in these discussions so that they know what to do. They’ll have questions. Practicing escape routes is recommended.

Let them know that while fires are scary, the things that cause most of them are well-known. Help them to understand that once they know what things can cause fires, they can learn what to do to avoid them.

You can find a handy checklist of how to prepare for restoration of your home or business after a fire here.

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