Which Type Of Carpet Stays Clean The Longest?

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Which Type Of Carpet Stays Clean The Longest?

Carpet adds a touch of style and decor to your home. However, keeping these flooring materials clean can be stressful. They collect allergens, dust mites, and bacteria from the air, not to mention the many stains and spills.

How you choose to maintain their cleanliness will depend on the style and textile used during their manufacture. Some carpets may be easier to clean than others because they have been treated with stain-resistant or antimicrobial additives. Nevertheless, it is prudent to clean your carpet regularly with the help of a professional cleaner like Green Clean.

Types of Carpets

There are three main types of carpets, each with its own cleaning pros and cons as illustrated below:


Nylon carpets contain the strongest and most durable fiber among all the others. They are less likely to be affected by mildew, rot, insects, debris, abrasion, and most chemicals. Many homeowners prefer these carpets due to their resilience and ability to maintain fiber height for long periods of time.

Even after being cleaned, nylon bounces back to its original shape and appearance. Because of its quality fiber, these carpets are easy to clean and can stay for long without absorbing stains. This type of carpet can range from moderate to expensive in terms of price, but can last for up to 20-30 years with proper maintenance.


When it comes to stain-resistant carpets, polyester tops the list. This is because it contains an oil-based fiber that repels water-based substances. Apart from being resistant to water-soluble stains, this material offers a luxurious feel and sustains abrasions for a long time.

Nevertheless, polyester is susceptible to oil-based stains. You might have a difficult time trying to remove oil spills once they get absorbed into the fibers. Therefore, always protect these carpets from things such as natural body oils or beauty products.

Olefin and Polypropylene

Olefin is another top-selling carpet after nylon that is strong and moisture/mildew resistant. Because it’s a lesser quality product it can actually be more difficult to clean and can require special cleaning products to get rid of natural build up. While our team has the resources to clean this style of carpet effectively, both the cleaning and the carpet tend to not last as long. So, for these reasons, polypropylene carpets are not what we would recommend for your home. 

Understanding Your Carpet Material

While you may prefer a quality carpet that is simple to clean and maintain, it is imperative to understand that you get what you pay for. Purchasing the best carpet that suits your purpose is what makes the difference during cleaning.  A cheap carpet wears and tears quickly and turns out to be more costly in the end.

Carpets are either made of synthetic or natural fibers. Before you purchase one, ensure you recognize what your preferred material is. Synthetic carpets such as nylon, polyester, and polypropylene are the most common and cost-efficient types. They are resistant to stains, hence easier to clean.

Your carpet cleaning technique is another important determinant of its glow and durability. Carpets require regular cleaning by an IICRC certified professional at intervals of 12-18 months. Most manufacturers recommend this so that you keep your warranty valid.

Finally, when purchasing a carpet, confirm that you are dealing with a trusted flooring expert. Flooring professionals provide vital information on carpet cleaning and maintenance. Further, they offer crucial tips on the best carpet cleaning solutions, depending on the material you choose.

Give Your Carpet an Extra Glow with Our Cleaning Services

Besides choosing the appropriate material for your carpet, having it cleaned by a certified professional from time to time ensures durability and long-lasting beauty. Are you looking for excellent and affordable cleaning solutions near you? Give us a call today for prompt service from our experts.